Stairwell 81 included in Sounds Like THIS Festival 2018 by Hesperis

The second collaboration between Scott Hewitt and myself, Stairwell 81 seeks to explore subtle gamification methods with a complex sonic space as an installation.

It will be situated along the stairwell leading to the venue at Leeds College of Music during the two-week festival. Click here for more information on the installation, and here for Sounds Like THIS Festival 2018.

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Emi Koussi played on BBC Introducing West Yorkshire by Hesperis

After a mammoth day of playing and recording with Northern Contemporary Collective on Saturday - and while I was working the lights that night at Belgrave for your fave DJ Lubi - that Dharma Wild single 'Emi Koussi' we put out about 6 months ago was played on BBC Introducing!

Have a listen here at 1:27:00 - the good man also gave our gig tomorrow at Lending Room a little shout out!


NCC performs at opening night of Listening After Pauline Oliveros Symposium by Hesperis

I had the honour to perform Pauline Oliveros' piece 'Earth Ears' with the Northern Contemporary Collective for the opening night of a weekend of events in tribute to the late Pauline Oliveros.

We performed one of Oliveros' many algorithmic-style pieces called 'Earth Ears', which involved the following:

"...players try to match tones, sounds or rhythms, articulations and dynamics from anther players' pattern without changing their own pattern. The matching should be exactly together with the other player's rhythm while maintaining the rhythm and tempo of their own pattern."

The four-day-long symposium and event programme brings together musicians, artists, theorists, curators and scholars to explore modes of listening, in particular the relation of listening and attunement to perceptions of change and transformation.

Other performances on the night included The Tuning Meditation (led by Sharon Stewart), Pebble Music and Threshold Meditation which included a UK Premier screening of rare footage produced by Daniel Weintraub.

Lamia's 'Not Mine' music video premiere by Hesperis

It's All Indie music blog has premiered the music video for 'Not Mine'.

With female director Miri Stevens, she utilises abstract visuals to communicate powerful and intriguing messages that explore the ability of the human mind to retreat into preferred ideals and beliefs away from realities’ harshness and truths.
— Cole Samson, It's All Indie

Check out the full article here:

And the video here:

Dharma Wild - R. Lyle releases his 'Emi Koussi' Rework by Hesperis

We're excited to share that Dave's good friend and Sheffield based producer R. Lyle has reworked our single 'Emi Koussi'.

Give it a listen on our SoundCloud below:

R. Lyle creates "Hazy, rain-soaked little worlds into which he weaves pointillistic broken beats." He's been apart of the 'Future Bubblers' - a mentoring and development initiative set up by Giles Peterson and Brownswood Music. Go check it out here - it seems really interesting.

Hazy, rain-soaked little worlds into which he weaves pointillistic broken beats. Like Burial, he is already adept at creating productions with a sense of depth and space
— NowThen Magazine

Fharmabala Wild by Hesperis

This weekend the Dharma Wild boys headed to the peak district to play our first festival: Farmbala!

Highlights included someone's dad trying to adopt our bass player and our guitarist getting stranded with a broken clutch on the A1.

Also Mansion of Snakes absolutely killing it in that tiny lil barn. What a perfect way to end the small family festival.

Massive thanks to Claudia for helping us get down to Farmbala festival 2017! Maybe we'll see you next year...

Just the three of us.

Just the three of us.

A graduate! by Hesperis

So after about 3 years, I've finally made it to the end of my bachelor's degree with a first class honours in music production.

I owe a great deal of gratitude to all the wonderful friends I've met at Leeds College of Music, including tutors and staff.

It's been a long journey, but I think it's been worth it.