NCC performs at opening night of Listening After Pauline Oliveros Symposium / by Hesperis

I had the honour to perform Pauline Oliveros' piece 'Earth Ears' with the Northern Contemporary Collective for the opening night of a weekend of events in tribute to the late Pauline Oliveros.

We performed one of Oliveros' many algorithmic-style pieces called 'Earth Ears', which involved the following:

"...players try to match tones, sounds or rhythms, articulations and dynamics from anther players' pattern without changing their own pattern. The matching should be exactly together with the other player's rhythm while maintaining the rhythm and tempo of their own pattern."

The four-day-long symposium and event programme brings together musicians, artists, theorists, curators and scholars to explore modes of listening, in particular the relation of listening and attunement to perceptions of change and transformation.

Other performances on the night included The Tuning Meditation (led by Sharon Stewart), Pebble Music and Threshold Meditation which included a UK Premier screening of rare footage produced by Daniel Weintraub.